About Us
Here at Perfabulous we design, create and retail fashion forward unique experience for visual marchendising agencies, special occasions, photo studios, restaurants, shop displays, fashion and trade shows, etc.​

It all began when one of our co-founders came up with the idea, attending a wedding which seemed to lack a sparkle or a central focus point. This is how Perfabulous Paper Floral Artistry was born and we decided we want to paper flower the Earth.
We need 4-8 weeks for custom orders, if necessary we can prioritise your order at an additional fee.
All of the orders are non-refundable due to custom nature of each item. This does not affect your statutory rights.
The flowers can be shipped worldwide with appropriate delivery charges and insurance in place.
We make flowers of different sizes, from corsages to backdrop walls, table decorations, bridal bouquets, keepsakes, printed and embellished petals.
Ask us for ideas and we will make that dream of yours come true.​​

We also produce 3d paper animals and shapes - please ask.

We love making our delicate although durable flowers. We are passionate about every fold we make, every flower is custom made and none are alike.
The materials used are of the best quality, of any colour imaginable.​
The costs can be budgeted to personal requirement however we do have to add postage/delivery charges to any order placed. We make  paper flowers that can also be embellished with: vintage lace, pearls, veil netting and crystals; fabrics, vintage lace; We can emboss, do custom stenciling which is great for wedding dates, and hand paint paper. We will attempt to do pretty much anything requested. We also work with plastic/waterproof to make flowers for outdoor events. These are good for outdoor occasions and add a different palette of colors.